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by Brandon Tanner

Giving oral sex to a woman (for hours) is a fantasy. You want to believe most women can't get enough of it -- wrong! Sorry guys; it just isn't so. Read on & I'll explain why:

Most females can't handle your talented tongue for hours-at-a-time -- they want to move on to penetration & other aspects of a great sexual experience.

If you answer a personal ad promising "hours & hours" of oral activity (your tongue in her) you may cut yourself off from the majority of ladies who might otherwise respond to you. Back off on your oral obsession, just say you like giving & getting & let it go at that. If the lady wants more, she'll let you know.

I know what I'm talking about. My company (BTR Video) produces Pro/Am adult videos, which we market through our Website The ladies we work with agree with everything I'm sharing here.

Lady Loren is our star performer and has agreed to an interview for this article. Loren is forty-nine and has worked with our company for close to five-years. She's a Bi-fem who enjoys a variety of intimate experiences. Let's listen to what Loren has to offer on receiving oral sex:

TANNER: "Our videos are shot in a relaxed atmosphere, in which we allow the action to proceed naturally. What's the first thing a new male performer goes for?"

LOREN: "With few exceptions, he wants to perform oral on me. That's great, but after a reasonable time, depending on how good he is, (she laughs), I reach climax. Then, I'm ready for going down on him. In most cases, the guy wants to continue on me ... I'm the one who moves away."

TANNER: "Why wouldn't you want more oral with a good talent."

LOREN: "I do, but not all at once." She crosses her long legs, smiles. "On and on, even with a good tongue, gets boring. When I get off orally, I want other sensations -- I need the man

Inside me." She chuckles, brushes a lock of auburn hair from her face. "That, I can enjoy for a longer time."

TANNER: "Is that it for oral on you?"

LOREN: "No, not at all!" Loren leans forward, pats my knee. "You know better. I love a little sixty-nine after penetration, then some rimming with a good, hard, talented tongue."

TANNER: "That's more oral on you though."

LOREN: "Yes, but it's been done, on-and-off, throughout the encounter, not for hours-and-hours!"

TANNER: "So, a little oral here-and-there is always better?"

LOREN: "Absolutely -- I give it that way in return."

TANNER: "What do the other ladies say?"

LOREN: "The girls in our company agree completely. Hours-and-hours of oral sex ... give us a break!"

TANNER: "Thank you, Loren, for the insight."

There you have it, gentlemen ... develop your oral skills, but use them sparingly. You just might make out much better.

Loren & Brandon Tanner

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