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You Don't Pay For Sex? (Think Again)

By Brandon Tanner

You may not leave $300.00 on the dresser or in a bowl on the coffee table, but ultimately, you pay for sex.

How much did dinner and a movie cost? What about that nice gift and the bottle of good wine? Don't forget a bouquet of flowers or half dozen fresh roses. Yes, you pay for sex one way or another. The ladies spend a few bucks for sex as well. My wife, Loren, can add her point of view.

LOREN: "Sometimes I think a woman will spend more than the man. Sexy lingerie doesn't come cheap and if the lady wants to cater to a gentleman a little bit, she'll have a selection of outfits. Then consider more money for the dinner dress and a new pair of heels." She laughs. "The heels I wear with my sex outfits aren't exactly street shoes."

TANNER: Tell us about our experience yesterday, which also involved paying for sex.

LOREN: "Right, the adult store. Friends of ours own the business and do quite well. We were shopping there yesterday. Everything in there is expensive and it's all to enhance having sex!"

TANNER: To my surprise, there were about six young women buying outfits, sexy heels, various toys and oils. Even if they were bi or gay, it's still sex and money is being spent on it. Take our business for example. Loren, you explain it; you do most of the work anyway.

LOREN: "We run a private modeling/video service for gentlemen who don't want to go to an adult store or buy sexy outfits by mail order. We handle one client at a time, in our studio, in a discrete manner. The customer responds to one of our ads, sets an appointment and comes to our place. He watches a video of me in sexy lingerie. Each outfit costs at least $150.00. Brandon takes care of the viewing process while I wait in the studio already dressed in one of the outfits."

TANNER: The video breaks the ice and makes the client feel more comfortable. He really wants to see Loren in person.

LOREN: "The gentleman gets excited by the video because he sees his girlfriend mistress or wife wearing the outfits. Then he meets me and experiences the pleasure which the lingerie will bring him."

TANNER: Once the client sees Loren actually wearing the outfits, the sale is in the bag and he's paid for sex yet to come.

LOREN: "On occasion the program reverses; we get women setting up a private viewing. That becomes real fun for me; the ladies want to mix and match the outfits, try them on and sometimes ... try me on. That part I love!"

TANNER: So do I because I get to watch -- sometimes I get --

LOREN: "Brandon -- enough!" She slaps his leg. "Bottom line is; purchasing the garments, garters, nylons and heels is paying for sex in advance."

TANNER: So how would you evaluate the client's attitude when he/she shells out two or three hundred bucks for the outfits and then more on dinner and a movie?

LOREN: "Simple. If the guy doesn't actually hand the cash to his sex partner, he's not paying for the act. I have no idea how they can see it that way but nearly all of them do."

TANNER: It's the Clinton syndrome.

LOREN: "The what?"

TANNER: Former President Clinton's stupid statement, "I did not have sex with that woman!" He didn't think oral sex was having a sexual encounter. Your comment above covers the issue perfectly.

LOREN: "It does because it's just a macho-mental thing. There are other possible costs involved in a sexual encounter whether you're sneaking around on a girlfriend or your wife."

TANNER: Which are?

LOREN: "First, the obvious ... disease. The Internet is full of Hot Lady -- Cum Fuck Me ads, which I think most are fake, maybe not, but pretty close. If they are real and you connect, how do you know what you're getting into? It's a risk with or without condoms. Don't plunge in until you know what dangers you're really entering into."

TANNER: Which are?

LOREN: "Getting caught by the girlfriend or wife, which can be really costly. Another good one is the sexy weekend fling who didn't understand the words no commitment. That one can strike you at work or in a stray piece of email that just happens to get read by the wrong eyes."

TANNER: Thank you, Loren, as usual your comments are enlightening. In summation, I think we can understand the main concept here. There is no such thing as a free lunch and no such thing as free sex!

Take care,
Brandon Tanner

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